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Watts Up With That?

This year, October 22/23, they are bringing in a comedian (no relation):

Carbon pollution is not only disrupting our lives, it’s hitting our wallets. Comedian and musician Reggie Watts shows how, laying out the billion-dollar connection between fossil-fuel energy and dirty weather events like Superstorm Sandy caused by carbon pollution.

I guess he didn’t read the recent IPCC AR5 report that showed no connections of climate change/global warming with severe weather. In a year when we’ve had the least  number of wildfires in 30 years and well below the decadal average, plus a near record low in tornadoes, and a hurricane season that has gone bust,Gore is pushing a dead issue. See why on the WUWT Extreme Weather page

So as this screencap from his latest propaganda video shows, setting fire to orchids seems to be the way Gore is fawning for attention getting the message across…

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