…..18-29 October 2010

On this page Publication – October 6, 2010
Greenpeace is calling on governments to seize the occasion of the Convention on Biological Diversity COP 10 in Nagoya to make agreements that ensure real action is taken to protect Life on Earth.

Ancient forests are being wiped out, oceans are plundered to the point of no return, agricultural biodiversity is in meltdown from modern industrial farming, and the impacts of climate change are causing irreversible damage to our planet and threaten food security for millions of people.

The results of the 3rd Global Biodiversity Outlook confirmed that we have reached crucial tipping points for a number of ecosystems- such as coral reefs and forests. Unless strong action is taken, many ecosystems will no longer be able to sustain life and provide for the needs of present and future generations. It is clear that there is NO MORE time for empty words.